Chau: < appears out of nowhere >

Ami: < blinks > Citoyen... Chauvelin...??

Chau: You told Olivia? < smirks > What a horrible idea.

Ami: How... how was I to say no? < tries to gather courage > And what can you do if you're dead?

Chau: < smiles evilly and loosens his cravat > Since you asked so nicely...

Ami: < looks *really* uncomfortable > What in the name of... I didn't ask for *anything*...

Chau: < shrugs > You asked what I could do. Why tell you when I can show you? < kisses her >

Ami: < wideeyed, and *extremely* pale > No no... no... It's alright... I didn't ask for anything... Get away from me...

Chau: You can't escape from me.

Ami: But you're dead... this isn't happening...!

Chau: It's a dream. And you can't escape from dreams.

Ami: < realizes that this is *very* true, and... be's all girly and starts to freak out > She swore not to... not to tell anyone though... what harm will it do?! She won't tell anyone.

Chau: You still swore not to tell. You broke your word, my dear.

Ami: But... no one will ever know... no one... I know I shouldn't have told her... but...

Chau: No, you shouldn't have. < kisses her again >