The Logic Behind Revolution

Will you join in our crusade?

Who will be strong and stand with me?


Wellllll... without logic... Les Amis would have probably died sooner than they did. Or ended up like us, which... well, yes there's that. Combeferre provided the group with several brilliant ideas, thougths, and things to think about. He was truly a genius.

Combeferre was a man of many talents. <Goes into used car-saleswoman mode> Not only can he draw a silkworm from memory, but he's a talented doctor (really, think about at the barricades. Combeferre and Joly were the ones to help with the wounded), and a... and a walking dictionary/library! <slips back to her regular state of insanity> Combeferre was one of those bookworm types, who would probably be classified as the common geek nowadays. Tho, I love him...

Combeferre would be one of those people you turn to if you had a serious problem on your hands. He's a great problem solver, and would probably be an extremely good teacher.


Of Les Amis, he knows the most about the world, yet is extremely dedicated to the cause. A brilliant mind, willing to lend himself to any cause for the people.


David Bardsley (I think that's him yes), was Combeferre for the TAC, and he's still my favorite. Tim Bowman was from the CSR, and he was quite good, too... I can't remember the current Combeferre, but... he served a good brillaint mind, also. BAH! It's Graham Rowat, which is extremely funny, as... hee! Graham -- Jai's last name. You woulda thought she'd remember! Thanks alot Kym! Go to her site, because she's a goddess and keeps Jai somewhat in line!


'At Notre Dame the sections are prepared!' ~ The opening to Red and Black

'At Notre Dame they're tearing up the stones!' ~ just after Red and Black. Makes ya think he's Quasimodo, ne?

'Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?' ~ Do You Hear the People Sing? The inspiration for the title of this site!

'This is where it Begins!' ~ Building the Barricade

'Though we may not all survive here, there are things that never die.' ~ Little People. When they discover Javvie as a spy.