The Teacher of Justice: Feuilly

"Will you give all you can give

So that our banner may advance?

Some will fall and some will live,

Will you stand up and take your chance?

The blood of the Matyrs will water the meadows of France!"


Well, I'm not quite sure how to say this, but I LOVE FEUILLY! He's my all-out fave character from Les Miserables, which is actually much to my disadvantage. I can't seem to find any information on him, other than that glorious paragraph in the book (try page 649, I believe. Paperback version, accourse.), and the few little clips from the musical that he was in. Moving on, though.

Feuilly is an orphan, apparently with an older sister. (I think. I didn't see it in the book, but it's all over the Internet... you know, wherever I could find the info.) He earns his living painting fans, and earning three francs a day. The thing that I absolutely love about him, is that Feuilly taught himself everything that he knows - he taught himself how to read, how to write, and basically, how to live.

At the Barricades, when Enjolras, Combeferre and Marius are trying to tell all of the fathers of children, husbands, and sons to leave, Enjolras referrs to Feuilly as 'The Teacher of Justice'. So I stole the name. I think it fits our orphan fan-maker quite well.

Stealing more quotes and parts from the book, there's this one part that I'm fairly in love with. Right before the insurrengents die, there's this one part where Feuilly and Combeferre (I believe) are making cartridges, and Feuilly mentions something about the help that the revolutionaries were supposed to recieve. Feuilly says that people promised to help, and were bound by honour. Combeferre's almost morbid response was, "There are people who observe the rules of honour as they do stars; from far off." To put it simply, I was sitting in Family and Consumer Sciences while reading this, and very nearly started crying. I couldn't bear to just abandon the revolutionaries like that, especially Feuilly!


Lord knows, there were *tons* of guys lucky enough to snag the role of Feuilly. My personal fave, though, was Matthew Cammelle (pictured above), who played Feuilly in the Tenth Anniversary Concert. Tell me, does he *NOT* look beautiful in 'Drink With Me'? My God, the man is... <drools> Yea, that.

Okay, so anyway. The current Feuilly (Who I saw! <bounces>) is Ben Davis. He was *really* good, and also *really* pretty. I know for a fact that there were tons more, but quite honestly, I can't afford to pay for webspace to write up every actor who played *every* Amis. I'm not Bill Gates here...


Bwahahaa! Other than that magnificent quote from up top, I'd say go read your liberatto, fellow fans. I mean, I'd love to post *all* of his lines, but ... I'm not a very patient soul. And will all the crap the servers are giving me over these pictures not loading (there's apparently something wrong with the HTML markup)... I'm about to kill something. Ask Ses.

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