Jai Would Personally Like to Thank and Dedicate Le Cafe Musain to the Following Encyclopedia of People...

First and most importantly -- my family. Mum, Dad, Matthew and Kim ... I love you all more than anything else. You're always so demmed patient with my ranting, obsessing, whining, and the fact that my schedule leaves little time to breathe. Thanks for ... well, being there always, standing at stage doors with me, and more or less letting me do just about whatever I please. (Though I'm still waiting to take over the world... get in line, right Kim?)

To Ses and Olivia! Woo! My partners in crime! From an amazing RP with some really great plot twists to hanging out and talking about who we must stalk, you guys are great. I love ya like my two sisters that I never had... Just like SHANE AND CLINT -- to you two! I love you both, my two Oniisamas. You two were the first people online who I ever met and came to love and trust. Now, I really look to you four as extended members of my family. Ses, Olivia, Shane and Clint -- where would Le Cafe Musain be without you?

The Sewards and Whipples -- Ye Gads, where to start? Whenever I'm with you, we always go through some crazy adventure that we're talking about for weeks -- months -- to come. Seeing Les Miserables with my best friends is just... erk, it's great. 'Manda... he touched my cheek! Sandy -- do you still have that jacket? Peg -- I'm still working on that tart thing, really. Kim and I'll do ya proud!

To Kelsey Dorwart... ah, League Awareness in New Boston. I find it truly amazing that we actually met online, and then only to learn that WOAH! We live in the same tiny town! Ah, you're the best, girl... I mean, from doing the Drunken Sailor Dance (Rex) to making fun of David Hasselhoff's IQ (OH MY GOD! It's SHIIIINNNYYYY! and then "Where's the camera? Where's the Camera? Where's the Camera?"), I luv ya, girl! Can't wait to go gape at William with you in Providence!

To Sara and Abby -- Chinatown fears us, girls! We are the princesses of anime, hon! Everytime I'm with the two of you, something weird happens -- mostly Ouiji. (Cix, my little dead hottie!) We're going to have to go run back to attack Chinatown yet again, huh? Maybe we won't run into any dead animals this time. (ICK!) I love ya both -- here's to a new adventure!

To Old Man Si, and our prospects of being in the revival cast of the Scarlet Pimpernel -- if you TRY to seduce me, good sir, you will meet Mr. Orchestra Pit -- AGAIN! And I'll be incharge of your fanclub, sure. Seriously, though, thanks for all you've done, citoyen. I really love talking with you -- Love, the Newt.

To Lisa. La, but I don't know where to start! Thanks so much for letting me rant on... and on... and on to you about B'way and the French Revolution. I love hearing your continuing chronicles of Anastasia, and Erik.. and so on! Thanks for listening to me rant about Ami, and Chauvelin, and Percy... etc. etc. -- meeting you in Providence will be *AWESOME*. Your support of Le Cafe Musain has been tremendeous -- thanks so much -- love ya.

Ed. To Ed. You've listened to me rant about the real world, believed me when I said I wanted to live in the Revolution, and on top of all that -- have never once laughed at my preposterous ideas! Thanks Ed, even though you are such a new friend! -- love, the young Madm'selle.

To the Harem -- Jerry, Tim, Sam, Eddie, Tom, Brent, Croasdale, and some other somewhat-not-important people. Anyway, you guys just KICKARSE! I mean, you are the funniest people I know ... "Boing!" to "SINK ME!" to "No stage kissing!" to "The little men in my body made me do it!" to "Saaaiiiint JUST!" to Eighth Period French Class! I love you guys... really, you're all great friends! (::cough:: no Ovaltine ::cough::)

To LeMouronRouge, AgeOfNapoleon, Place_Greve, MusicalRPG, and then of course, the League and Broadway-Actors -- you *patient* people, you!

To the 4:30 ballet class (especially), and the MVMS Drama Company -- Love sharing the stage with you all! Here's to another year of amazing shows, awesome costumes, and more one more finale that I'm sure I'll miss! The Dance Visions Stage Moms -- get ready for another hectic year backstage!

FINALLY -- TO MY HEROS! And I mean the ones other than those I listed... To Robert Patteri, Douglas Sills, Amy Bodnar, Lea Salonga, William Michals, Ron Bohmer, Michael Maguire, Brien Keith Fisher, and Phong Troung. THANK YOU FOR BEING TRUE ROLE MODELS! You aren't just the run of the mill actors and actresses, singers and performers... you have shown me just what it is to be famous, yet to keep your egos in check, and spending the time to be with me at stage doors, through e-mail, etc. etc. etc. You are so much better than all those teenagers who steal music and then think they're popular. I hope one day to be lucky enough to perform onstage with one or more of you... I love you!