Fun for the whole family... or maybe not.

Ha! Funny moments... in life, in roleplaying, and... especially in ballet. ^^ Knock yourselves out. And don't sue for a horrid case of either (a) boredom (b) hysterical laughter or (c) both of the above? Go figure. It was a lame excuse at humor.

Ballet Moscow Intensive Training
As the name implies... funny stuff said at my training with the Russian Ballet...

Heidi: "Wonder how she'll get out of that lift..."
Kelly: "In our Adagio class, it's easy... they'll drop her."

Shawna: <to Andrei> "Did you have a good lunch?"
Andrei: "Sure..."

Christina: <to Andrei> "But Heidi calls them grande jetaes.." (So my French needs a bit of work?)

Andrei: "These jumps are easy. Just pretend you're flying..."
Christina: "But that's not how we fly! This is!" <she flaps her arms around madly> Shayna: "It looks more like swimming to me..."
Me: "Fun... this is like a game of charades."

Me: "We're gross, guys..."

Lady at Bank: <to me> "Oh, it's nice to meet you, J'aimie." <she goes to shake my hand>
Me: "You *REALLY* don't want to touch me..."

Shawna: <about this really cute guy who was in the Advanced ballet, who we were all watching>"It's like... he has his own audience out here."
Me: "More like a fan club."

Shayna: "Um, excuse me, her chicken is on fire." <about my blackened chicken salad for lunch>

Kimmy: "Oh, J'aimie... come over and sit here with that salad of yours."

Christina: "Do you have any grapes?"
Me: "No, you finished those yesterday."

Me: "She has water... attack!"

All of the Dance Visions girls: "NO SKIRTS?! You're kidding..."

Shawna: "I say we change lunch time to nap time..."
Me: "Yea... like preschool! WHOO! Can we play with play-doh, too?"

Shawna: <to Andrei> "HI!"
Andrei: "Ummm... hi."

Me: <about Lindsey> "What's with her?"
Amber: <pointing to Lindsey> "She's trying to sleep with her eyes open again."

All of us: "My feet... my feet..."

Andrei: "Once more before you leave..."
Me: <groans>
Andrei: "Sorry, sorry..."

Andrei: "Let's start."
Me: "That would mean I would have to get up, wouldn't it?"

Me: "Look at this! I've worn a hole through my jazz shoes, and a piece of the heel came right off!"
Mrs. Sullivan: "Good, you've been working hard!"
Me: "As if it doesn't show... we're all dead on our feet..."

Mrs. Sullivan: <About the stupid article that was wrong in about everything> "It looks as if you just bought out Dance Works, Heidi..."

Me: "Shawwwwwwnaaaa... I can't get the spoon together."
Shawna: <sighs, and snaps the plastic spoon together easily> "Stupid."
Me: "You bet!"

Amber: <About me... and the stupid spoon that I couldn't snap together for my yogurt> "Oh my gosh! She put the spoon together today all by herself!"

Jess: "We're waiting for our feet to go numb..."

Lauren: "Christina stole the cream cheese for me from that cafe next door..."
Jess: "And then we asked them to toast the bagels that we brought from my house... mind you, we didn't buy a thing."
Heidi: "Mmmmhmmm... that was embarrasing."

Laurie: "I've got to leave early... for work."
Everyone else: "Lucky."

Shawna: "Look! He has aligators on his shoes!"
Andre: < confused look >

Dance in General...
Life does go on after the Russian Ballet, really it does...

Me: "Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!"
Mom: "What happenend?"
Me: "Pointe."

Me: "Dom missed my waist, and I just FLEW across the stage... Woosh... woosh woosh..."

Linds: "We're Rats... not mice, thank you very much."

Kelly: "You've gotta put some emotion into your arms when you stomp! Like this!" < she demonstrates >
Michelle and Me at the same time: "HOMEY-G FUNK!"

Shawna: "Yeah, during the second show, when you and Dom did that throwy-thingy perfect... heh, we applauded!"

Me: < constantly > "Oh... I'm going the wrong way."

Heidi or Kelly: < constantly > "J'aimie! You're going the wrong way!"

Me: "There's no finale to this demmed show, is there?"
Jeanne: "No, I don't think so... not for you guys, at least."
Me: < looks up > "Someone up there must really love me."

Most of the Nutcracker Cast: "Good Lord, that just hurts LOOKING at her!" < About Michelle, who played the Arabian Coffee in the Nutcracker, and was carried onstage in a split, with one guy holding each leg. It just LOOKED painful... >

Katie: "Oh... well, I'm just standing in the way, aren't I?"

The Joys of MVMS Drama!
During our rendition of the Princess and the Princess...

Brent: "Who's up for a game of Truth or Dare backstage?"

Tim: "Hey! You! Personal slave-girl! Tie my shirt!"
Me: "Well, hi there, nice to see you too!"

Jerry: "Yea, touring is great. We get to eat out everyday... and you know what that means... Hooray for Burger King."
Me: "Oh, I'm thrilled to pieces, really I am..."

Most of the Cast: < constantly during Truth or Dare Backstage > "And NO stage-kissing...!"

Brent: "You know you want me... my favorite tart..." < use your imagination, please. Yes, he was referring to me. >

Brent: "Who do you like? Is it me? Oh, I know it's me..."
Me: "Ask Tim."
Jerry: "HA! I get it!"

Brent: "Give me back my sword! Oh... that just doensn't sound right..."

Me: "One Day More!" < about touring >

Jerry: "Heh... we're going to miss so much homework..."
Me: "Baaaaaaad soldier no. 5..."

Me: "No way in hell I'm sitting next to Brent again at lunch. I don't think I've ever come closer to choking..."

Roleplaying... Just... Roleplaying...
Oy, we're ... funny. Knock yerselves out minna...

Me: <clings more to her little stuffed monkey which Sara tried to corrupt, and reads thru the code of conduct all the while, humming that Ranma song>

Ses: <pokes a stick into Hentai Corner> I think Chau's working his way outta the corner....
Me: Oh the horror!!! The angst... wait, that sounds like the Liv/Ses/Jai roleplay...

Me:<possibly as Ami... dun remember> Run, Sir Percy... and while you're at it...send Andrew.

Ses: I'm not that bad anymore! I have three or four husbands to fixate on! <smiles sweetly>

Clint: <on the " 101 Things to do with a Sacred and Holy Red Vest" :> Well..a number of things...I could burn it...wear it...put it on someone and chase them...

Shane: <chases onechan around with a cheerleader outfit>

Me: <on the subject of Chauvelin> Ahhhhhhhhh! Watchit, he sings seducing songs!!!!!!
(Ses) Joie: <runs away from Chau with her ears covered>

(Ses)Chau: <smirks> No, daam... Get it right, my dears.
(Jai) Ami : Have we mentioned that we love you, and don't especially care to die.
(Ses)Chau: <smirks> Even better....

(Jai) Sunfire: <sighs> Welcome to hell. Enjoy your stay.

Olivia: It's DAAM!

Julie: ::is babeness::

Olivia: Oh, and someone hit Monique for me.

(Ses) Percy: Pimpernel. It's a common wayside flower...
(Jai) Akio: <searches uselessly for... Touga... or Saionji.> Er... we've got Black Roses... how's that?
(Ses) Percy: <shakes his head> Won't do.

Shane: Cheerleader. You cheerleader, you!

Clint: Scarlet... WHAT?

(Jai) Ami: <to Courfeyrac> You know, you're evil.
(Ses) Cour: <bows dramatically>

Jai: That's it! I'm going to disown him... again! [Yes, you Shane...]
Ses: again? you took him back???
Jai: Er... yes. >.<
Ses: WHY?!

Olivia: *wacks everyone with bags of rice* Happy wedding!

Jai: She must be plotting to kill the bride, or something... <RUNS>
Ses: NOT ALLOWED! only when the bride's Margot...

Olivia: *dumps a bag of rice on them* Hurray!
Jai: <likes Liv's attempts at... murdering the.. congratulating the bride>

Olivia: Hey, Evete, up for dying again?

Jai: 101 ways to keep your head in Paris : #1 never follow 'golden rules' . #2 sleep with government officials...
Mon and Evete: That'll do it...
Jai: Er... revised edition : 2 ways to keep your head in Paris...

Olivia: Have you noticed we don't have lives?

Evete: That demmed elusive me!

Shane: [as his loveable self] I'm freaking myself out...

Shane: [simply runs around as the swashbuckling, decidedly Frenchy Merik Roseblade, complete with fencing foil and bright plumed hat]

Clint: ::pokes him with a spork::

Jai:Niaho wonton.
[Chibi Merikku]: huh? Ni ho want one? OH! Me no want one!

Jai: <breaks into sobs> My corrupted monkey! gone worse!!!

Olivia: *thunk* I'm a tired chicken.


Meetings with Famous People : In Real Life, and Otherwise...

Jai: ... You wouldn't be....?
Michael Maguire: I am...who are you?

Michael: I am MM from LM if that's what you're dying you say?
Jai: : ... That's... what I'm trying to imply. But I'm shaking too much to actually type. My friend Ses is on the other line...
Michael: stop shaking.... it shouldn't be that big a old are you?

(later) Michael: have a good evening.... say bye to Ses for me
Jai: Thank you very much for talking to me.
Michael: my pleasure....
Jai: Shall we ever talk again, do you think?
Michael: ok.... but please don't be upset if I don't have time.... all the best....MM

Jai: <at the stage door, freezing her butt off in the snow and wind and junk> Excuse me sir, were you in the cast?
Tim Howar: I sang 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, does that count?
Jai: Oooooh yea.

Erin: He touched my shoulder...
Amanda: He called me love...
Jai: He hugged me...
Sandy: He liked my coat! (Tim, accourse)

Jai: <wandering past a cafe in Boston across from the Wang> Hey, I know you. Thanks for earlier, by the way.
Brien Keith Fisher: Oh no problem. Sorry about Lea, though...
Jai: No Problem. I'm just glad you and Phong talked to me.

Phong Troung: You've been out here for awhile now... who were you waiting for?
Jai: Actually, I'm waiting for Lea Salonga... I was told this would be her last run on Broadway before she went to Singapore, and before the show closed. I've got something I'd like to give her. <motions to her poster>
Phong: Lea... hasn't performed for some nine years. She's in school, now...
Jai: <heartbroken, *SOBBING*> TicketMaster said she'd be here. And the Wang...Phong: <hugs me> I'm so sorry... I feel horrible. But, hey, I've got her address if you'd like to send that to her.

Hee, I got the address *AND* got to talk to Phong and Brien. Two wicked sweet guys. ^^ Yay for the cast of Miss Saigon. Plus, I got in on part of the rehearsal, so life was good. (I got to listen to it... WHOO!)

Jai: <about Robert Patteri, who was inside on his cell> Hey, Nancy... did he walk right by us?
Nancy: No, he's on his cell.
Jai: You're sure he didn't sneak behind the parked cars? That demmed elusive Pimpernel! It'd be so *LIKE* him...

Jai: The demmed elusive Pimpernel decided to pay his loyal fans a visit!
Robert Patteri: I'm *heeeerrreeeee*.

Jai: Could you sign this for me? <handing over the program>
Robert: Sure, who's this to?
Jai: It's J'aimie... J-a-i-m-i-e.
Robert: <spelling it wrong on the program, and going back to fix it> Wait... there's *TWO* 'i's'?!
William Paul Michals: Well DUH...
Robert fixes it, and hands it over laughing.

Jai: You're William Paul Michals.
William: Um... yes!
Jai: See, I can even spell Chauvelin right! <motions to Robert>
William: Oh yeah? <*WICKED* quickly> C-h-a-u-v-e-l-i-n. HA!
Jai: ... <in awe> But not... *that* fast.
William: <laughs>

Jai: Could you please sign this for me?
William: Sure, where do you want it?
Jai: Whereever. It doesn't phase me, so long as I've got your signature.
William: <flipping thru the program, the older one...> Let's see... am I in this?
Jai: Dunno... I haven't really gotten a chance to flip thru it yet...
Nancy: No, you're not.
William: <sighs and smiles> Figures.

Mom: Yup, she's in her glory...
William and Robert: <just laugh>

Jai: Oh, um guys... can I get a picture with the two of you?
William and Robert: <mock glare at eachother and nod> Of course.

Me: "Eh... excuse me, Dr.Jekyll, Mr.Hyde... can you take a picture with me?"
Robert Evan: "Of Course!" < Cue really scary Hyde Laugh during the picture > Me: "I want one of those for Christmas..."

Friends... You Know I Have Them...

Abby: "You know, I don't understand this 'male bonding' thing... it's like... beer, cars, wrestling, and... more beer."
Jai: "And *that* is why the Lord created man."

Abby: "If ever you run into a man named Akio, run like there's no freeking tomorrow..."

Manda: "Lessee... I need another place to sign your yearbook..."
Jai: "You're not finished playing Victor Hugo yet, huh?"

Manda: "Just called to say... have a nice time with that Russian Ballet thing..."
Jai: <just makes a noise>

Manda and Jen: "Jai's got a BOOOYYYYYYFFFFRRRIIIIEEEENNNNNDDD!" <through the halls of the girls dorm in Sargent Camp>

Jai: "Hey, Jen... jellybeans..."
Jen: "Oh my GOD no..."

Manda: "Moo."

Shawna: "We're... Tap Dancing Panhandlers with Monkeys Making Music... and we're conartists. Give us all your money, now!"

Shawna, Jerry and Jai: "Merry Hannukah, Happy Christmas, and a Daam good Kwanzaa!"

Kelsey: "It's DOUG!... shall I pause it?" < while watching the League's first Compilation Tape >

Me: "Hey, I've got HIS phone number, feeling brave?"
Kelsey: "Um... No... that's like... illegal stalking..."
Me: "And?"

Jerry: "She's listening to those voices in her head again..."
Me: "Mmmmmhmmmm... Mmmm... Thank God for my Discman, and Terrance Mann for recording 'Where's the Girl?'..."

Jerry: "Do I get to be a serenading Frenchman for auditions?"
Me: "Um... Armand's French... and he can sing... but... he's not a Serenading Frencman... That's a Chau-Chau thing.."

Jerry: "Heh... frou-frou..."
Me: "I'm so PROUD!"

Kimmy: "You're holy, huh? So can you make water into wine?"
Jai: "No, but I can make water into tea!" < proceeds to demonstrate >

Kimmy: "I've got friends -- they're the voices in my head... and they SING to me!"

Kimmy: "It... vibrates..."
Jai: < wide eyed look > "Um, exactly what *DO* these things do...?" < about the Cybikos, calm down... >

School and All It's... er... All it's Something or Other...

Mr. Mac: "If you're walking down the hall and calling Bobby Jerkface, make sure you CAPITALIZE the 'Jerkface'..."

Mrs. Grasset: "So you're a Les Mis fan, too, hm?"
Jai: "Fan just doesn't define me..."

Me: "Hey, I haven't walked into a door yet, I'm getting good at this..."
Mr. Mac: "Give it time... I say by second period you'll have walked into someone's door..."

Mr. Mac: < to the guys, don't remember what we were talking about... > "And *THEN* maybe she'll go parking with you!"

Mr. Kilmister: < the bestest art teacher in the world... Or at least Goffstown... eh, close enough> "And if you get in trouble for being late to class... um, run back and ask me for a pass, or blame me, or do *something!*"
Me: "Yessir..."

Mr. Kilmister: < about this thing we call 'd ating'... > "It's all, one day, someone asks you to 'go out' with them -- I don't understand that, cause... where *do* you go? -- and then two minutes later, you're all, 'Oh my gosh, I don't like you any more, so I'm dumping you!'... and then you're all depressed, and can't focus, and fail, and that's just a big huge mess I'd rather not get tangled in..." < just for effect, he pushed the trash can as if he was talking to it when he said 'oh, I don't like you any more...' >

Mr. Mac: "The wall speaks..." < when the intercom starts inturrupting classes again >

Mr. Kilmister: " is spirit rally day... break out the asprin..."
Me: "Amen to that..."

Mrs. Parker: "BLAINEY! SIT DOWN!" < daily >

Me: < singing > "Hold your head even higher ... and I can't open my damned locker... and soon the moon will smolder and the winds will drive..."
Mrs. Marszewski: < just blinks alot > "That's it, we're signing you up for chorus..."