Les Amis - Welcome to the Future

Les Miserables Fanfction by : J'Aimie Michelle Graham 2K

Disclaimer: Lemme make things clear. I do NOT own any of the characters, bar those who really exist. Though... I don't own them, either. Uh, Victor Hugo is the sole (and currently... dead) owner to Les Amis, and I do not make any profit off of this fiction. Heh... and so far, I never will. ^_~

Warning: Not a hentai one, calm down. <G> If you love Feuilly the way I do... get out while you can. Jai gets closer to her item of lust, but... not closer in *THAT* way... <ahem> Right, that one. You don't like it, get out. ^_~ Fiction ain't easy, and I needed to have a *BIT* of fun, ne?




: Jai's Room, 7:45 p.m. February 3rd, 2000 :

I had mostly forgotten about the fight my mother and I had been earlier engaged in. I had burned the Latin test via my incense burner, and it's ashes lived their life in my garbage can. As to that night's homework…? Yes, well it lived a happy life, undone in my backpack. I would be safe until my mother and brother got home from Karate lessons…

I was sitting happily in front of my computer, thoroughly involved in a Les Miserables Roleplay, with one of my best friends, Ses. We were happily chatting before I heard a loud crash outside on the front lawn. The crash made me jump a bit, and I told Ses that I'd be away from the keyboard for a few minutes to see what had happened.

Slipping on my father's trench coat, and a pair of boots, I carefully headed over to the door. I contemplated grabbing the baseball bat from the closet, but I decided that if the crash happened to be an UPS man who slipped on some ice, I'd be pretty embarrassed. Shrugging, I grabbed the baseball bat, and opened the door.

"Hello?" I asked, my voice piercing the darkness. I could see my breath in the frigid February air… and little else. I managed to make out a few shadows by the remains of our old vegetable garden. Figuring that it was my pesky next-door neighbors, who found it amusing to scare the hell out of me, I flipped on the porch lights to catch my criminals.

Well… it certainly wasn't my next door neighbor. Although, I can't say that I wasn't more than pleased with what I saw.

"Um, if you're looking for the costume party - although I don't know why you would be - it certainly isn't here," I said, trying to hold back a laughing fit. Seven men sat in the snow, looking very confused. They were all garbed in something that looked like the men in the Nineteenth Century would wear. Like the Revolutionary Students in Les Miserables.

"Mademoiselle, I can assure you, we're not here for a masquerade… in fact… we don't know why - or how - we got here…" one of said, slowly standing up, and rubbing his back.

"Alright, if someone sent you to confuse me, then you're doing a great job." I muttered, loud enough for them to hear me. "I don't know who you are…and I'm not supposed to talk to strangers, but what hell… come on in."

They looked to each other questioningly, and finally nodded. I held the door open for them, and they practically ran in. Suddenly, the phone rang. I looked to the seven men.

"Excuse me for a moment, whoever you are. I'll be right back, and then you can tell me what you know…" I told them, trying to watch my language in front of my 'guests'. I ran to answer the phone, leaving them in front of the door.

I picked up the phone, checking the Caller ID box. It was the Karate studio.

"Hello?" I asked, tapping my fingers on the counter.

"Jai, its Mom. Listen, your brother just finished his Karate lessons. The snow is terrible, and I don't think that I'll be able to make it home tonight. Your brother's friend has offered to let us stay the night, and even though it's a school night, I doubt that either of you will be going tomorrow. Probably a snow day. Listen, we're going to take them up on the offer. Will you be alright on your own?" my mother explained.

My prayers were answered. When I first saw the seven men outside, I knew that there would be now way in the nine rings of hell that my mother would approve of letting them stay. She would hardly believe that they had 'fallen from the sky'… or something like that.

"Um, yeah mom. I'll cook some form of dinner, and I'll go to bed. I finished my homework…" I lied, "I'll be able to handle it. Don't worry!"

"Alright, great. I'll see you tomorrow then. Don't answer the door, and let the phone ring, unless it's me. I'll leave a message if need be. I don't know what time your brother and I will be home tomorrow… we'll call…" she explained. What did she think I was… stupid?

"Alright. Good night."

"Bye." I hung up quickly, and ran back to the seven waiting men.


: About two minutes later :

"Alright, come with me…" I instructed, leading the men up the stairs, and to my room. All right, so it wasn't the greatest move in my life, but it was the first thing to come to mind. Six of the seven looked to me oddly, leaving the other one to actually ask me the all-important question.

"What the hell are you wearing?" he asked, his voice a little slurred. "No girl I've ever seen has ever worn anything like what you're wearing!"

"GRAND R, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" another man shouted, "Mademoiselle, I'm terribly sorry for our… friend. He's a bit drunk… please, don't mind him."
I smiled. "Oh, I don't mind. I get enough of that from the guys at school. In either case, I'm not offended, and please, just come with me. I'm a little… no, I'm very confused, and I'd like to know a bit more about you seven…" I motioned for them to follow me up the stairs. They obeyed.

I entered my room with the clan of men still behind me. "Make yourselves comfortable. I'll go see if I can find some blankets or towels or something. You guys must be cold…" I said, running out to the linen closet in pursuit of the extra blankets and quilts. Six of them obeyed. One followed me.

"Mademoiselle…" he asked quietly. "Can I get…can I get your name?"

I turned from the closet, and looked at him. I practically fell over. Somehow I managed to miss him earlier, but now it was hard to take my eyes off of him. He was tall, with a light, flawless complexion. Dark, shoulder length hair was held back with a black ribbon, and dark hazel eyes met mine. His hands were medium in size, and his fingers were long and slender - a sigh that he was probably an artist, not unlike myself.

"My name is Jaimie Michelle. Most of my friends just call me Jai though…" I smiled, and turned back to the closet to dig out the extra quilts for the freezing men. "And yours?"

"Rene Feuilly. My friends just call me Feuilly though…" he told me, blushing slightly.

"Nice to meet you Feuilly. Hey, can you hold these for a minute?" I asked, placing three blankets in his hands, and continuing my search for more. "You can take them to the others… I'll go check downstairs for some more."

Feuilly nodded, and took the blankets to the other men. I smiled, and ran downstairs. Oh my Gods, was he ever the cute one…


: Meanwhile, In Jai's Room :

Feuilly entered the pale purple room, to find Courfeyrac, Combeferre and Joly sitting on the bed, talking quietly. Bahorel and Bousset sat on the carpeted floor in the corner, and Grantaire lay - either sleeping or passed out drunk - in the corner opposite Bahorel and Bossuet. He took the three quilts and handed two of them to Bahorel and Bousset, and the other one to Combeferre.

"Where's the girl? I've got some serious questions…" asked Courfeyrac, who pulled the comforter that was once on the bed, closer around his shoulders. He was still cold from the snow that he had been sitting in about ten minutes ago.

"Jaimie? She went to go look for some other blankets for us." Feuilly replied, sitting next to his friends.

"You know her name, Feuilly?" Bousset asked, having heard the last remark that his friends had made.

Feuilly turned a little red. "Yes. She said that she would return in a few minutes… She'll explain things, I'm sure. Does anyone know exactly how we got here? What if we never get back to France… from… well… where ever we are?"


: Jai enters, holding a few blankets :

"Sorry it took so long, guys…" I said, handing the rest of the blankets to a few of the men. I looked to the one lying in the corner. "Is he going to be alright?"

One of the men who was sitting on the floor laughed. "Grantaire is either asleep, or passed out. In either case, he won't be waking up tonight…" he explained. "And by the way, my friends call me Bahorel… Feuilly already told us your name…"

"Is that so…?" I asked, looking to the dark-haired beauty who sat on the corner of my bed. "Well, nice to meet you Bahorel, and thanks for explaining… about Grantaire… or whatever you said his name was."

"Mademoiselle…" said another, who was sitting next to Feuilly, "is it possible to get the date?" he asked, before saying, "Oh, and the rest of my friends call me Courfeyrac…"

"Of course, Courfeyrac…" I said, attempting at pronouncing these very French names correctly. "It's February 3rd, 2006."

All the men paled considerably. "Two… two thousand and six…?" asked yet another man. "February 3rd… two thousand and six? Mademoiselle… that can't be. It was February 3rd, 1832 just a few hours ago… Oh my God… what happened?!"

"Calm down, Combeferre…" Feuilly said, looking to the man. "Jai, is it possible to stay here for tonight… the seven of us? I hate to sound rude, but I don't think we're getting back to Paris tonight…"

"No, my parents aren't going to be home, and I'm alone for the night. You're far away from Paris, guys…" I said, looking a bit concerned. "You're in the States…"

"The States? You mean America? In the year two thousand… this is a crazy dream," said yet another man. He sat next to Combeferre, and he didn't look happy.

"Calm down Joly… we'll get things figured out… eventually," said the final man who went nameless.

"How do you expect me to calm down?" Joly muttered, looking to the man. "Bousset, we're in another country… with some girl we don't know… in a year that's more than a hundred years from what we're used to!"

I found this terribly interesting. These seven men were obviously serious about being from another time and country. How had they made their way to my country, in my time? Was this some wacko dream?

"Perhaps if we get some sleep, things will be better… we'll be in France… in the nineteenth century…" Courfeyrac said, trying to lighten the mood.

"Yes…let's get some sleep… things will work out tomorrow," Bahorel said. "Mademoiselle Jaimie, is there any certain place for us to sleep?"'

"Oh, just Jaimie is fine guys. I hate to break it to you guys, but I've only got my room, and the extra bedroom next door. Some of you will have to sleep on the floor. We've got extra pillows, though." I told them. "Come… half of you, can take the guest room, the other half can stay in here. I don't think I want any of you sleeping downstairs - if anything happens, I won't be able to help you."

"I think it's best if Grantaire stays in this room tonight." Combeferre said, motioning to the sleeping and/or passed out man.

I tried to be polite, but I really didn't want to give up my bed. Deciding that these men were probably really stressed out, I figured the least I could do was given up the bed. "Um, someone can sleep in my bed tonight. I'll sleep in my brother's room."

"No, Jai, keep your bed. We can sleep on the floor…" said Feuilly, with a kind smile. He was certainly someone who I would like to know better.

The others exchanged glances, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Finally, Bousset broke the silence. "Alright, Joly, Courfeyrac, Bahorel and myself will share the extra room. One can have the bed, and the others can have the floor. Grantaire, Combeferre and Feuilly can stay in this room. Jaimie keeps her bed."

The rest of the men nodded, and those who would be staying in the extra room stood. I nodded, and stood, trying to take charge again. "Alright, I'll show you guys to your room." I said, opening the door to my bedroom, and heading out. The four men followed me, and entered the room shortly after myself.

"There's the bed. There should be an extra blanket or two in the closet. I'll go grab a few of the extras from my room." I said, running quickly to my room, and getting the extra blankets. "I'll leave you men to arguing over who sleeps where, and I'll see you in the morning. Oh, and please, lock the door. My mother would kill me should she ever find seven men in the house… with only me."

The men found a little bit of humor in what I had just said, and nodded. As I exited, I waited to hear the 'click' of the lock. When satisfied, I turned, and entered my own room. The two men who weren't already asleep watched me enter. Combeferre and Feuilly stood from their respective sides of the bed, and I sat down.

"So you guys are really from the nineteenth century?" I questioned, still not quite understanding what had happened. "How did you guys get here… Oh my God, my mother would kill me if she caught me with seven men in the house…alone."

Combeferre nodded, "Yes, the year was 1832, we were at the Café Musain… in Paris."

Café Musain… with that, and the names of these men, a thought came to mind. These men weren't just any men from the nineteenth century… they were the Revolutionary Students… from Les Miserables. But there were more… Enjolras and Jean Prouvaire… where were they? I decided not to ask, and just let them explain their story.

"We were planning a revolution," Feuilly added, "But we've been so overworked as of late, our leader, Enjolras makes us meet every afternoon for planning. I don't mind being with my friends, but we never get any time to talk about anything other than the revolution!"

I couldn't take my eyes of the man… Wow, was he gorgeous. For a minute, I didn't mind how much trouble I would get in, I got to spend the night with a very good-looking revolutionary, you bet I was happy.

My digital clock on the nightstand beeped, which made the men jump. Ten o'clock. I should have been in bed. "Um, guys. I've got to get some sleep. I may have classes in the morning. That being the case, I'd better get some sleep. Here," I said, shoving some blankets toward Combeferre and Feuilly. "You're sure neither of you want the bed, I don't mind moving."

"No, we're fine… I'll take one side… Combeferre can have the other. It's no better than sleeping at the Café." Feuilly muttered. I smiled, and went to change into my nightclothes. All I can say - I'm a daring young girl.

: While Jai's Getting Changed :

"Isn't she wonderful?" Feuilly asked Combeferre quietly, while Jaimie was out of the room.

"WONDERFUL?" Combeferre asked, "Feuilly, have you fallen in love with a girl from the twenty-first century? Don't get used to it, we're going to be going home soon, I hope."

"Oh, but Combeferre! We don't know that, so we may as well have as much fun while we're her as possible. Besides, for all we know, this could be some crazy dream. But I can learn to like it," Feuilly sighed. "Especially if Jaimie-Michelle is here,"

"YOU KNOW HER FULL NAME?!" Combeferre asked, now beyond shocked. "How much did she tell you?! What did you tell her?!"

"I know her full name and she knows mine. She's so beautiful! Watch her smile Oh my God, I'm in love." Feuilly sighed wistfully. Combeferre just stared.

"Well, I'd watch it, Friend" Combeferre whispered as he heard footsteps approaching the door. "Here she comes."

: Insanity Returns Jai enters :

As I entered the room, the two men grew silent. I threw my laundry into the hamper in the corner of my room, and set my alarm clock. They just watched me, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Here, let me help you two set up the blankets," I offered, standing up from the bed. They nodded, as I stood, clad in a pair of loose fitting flannel pants, and a low cut tank top. They just sorta stared for a minute, and I half expected Feuilly to fall over with a nosebleed. I laughed, for reasons unknown to my new friends.

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