Les Amis - Welcome to the Future

Les Miserables Fanfction by : J'aimie Michelle Graham 2K

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"Heya! Can I speak to Jai please?" said a pleasant voice - that of Amanda Catherine Whipple.

"…Speaking." I muttered. The day was complete.

"Oooohhh… someone's in a bitchy mood, I see it already." Amanda said, a bit of sarcasm in her voice.

"Well, it's been an interesting night… and morning for that matter. Manda, I've got seven men from the nineteenth century at my house… my mum and brother are out at a friends house, as they couldn't make it up my driveway, and Sara is headed over to my house as soon as her shift at Storytellers is over. I'm dead!" I whined.

"Jai, what are you on?"

"Nothing! I haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon at lunch." I sighed. "Manna, can I call you back later? Right now, I've got to go contemplate my destruction."

"Uh, sure. But if you end up performing a sacrifice, I wanna come!" she giggled.

"Uh, right. I'll remember that. See ya later Manda."

"Yea, bye! And call me back when you get the chance. I wanna hear details!"

I hung up, and looked to the men. "Alright, first question." I sighed. "Is he ever going to wake up, or should I just… well… not ask?" Of course, the subject was the still sleeping Grantaire.

The men laughed. "Well, actually he's probably passed out. He had a few to many bottles of wine last night before we arrived here, and well… no, it's best if you not ask." Joly explained.

"Bottles? As in, plural? Oh wonderful. I don't want to know what it is you men do in the nineteenth century for fun…" I muttered. "Anyway, listen. My psychotic, hyper friend Sara is on her way over in a few hours. I'm not going to work, and she wants to meet you. She's a bit odd, but well…"

"Oh, sounds like Courfeyrac's type." Bousset smirked. "We'll let you have 'er Courfeyrac."

"Have her? You make it sound like you men go through women like bottles of wine. Oi, I'm never going to the Nineteenth Century." I said, laughing a bit. "Lovely little mess I'm caught in now… I've got you men flirting with my best friends."

"Well, I wouldn't call it 'flirting' per se… no, who am I kidding. Courfeyrac is a terrible flirt." Bahorel laughed. "Mademoiselle -"

"It's Jaimie. I figure, you're staying a bit, get used to my real name. I don't mind it."

"Uh, Jaimie. Fair warning… if this Sara girl has another man in her life, kick Courfeyrac out now!" all present laughed, except Courfeyrac. The phone rang a third time.

"Damned people. Stop calling me!" I whined, picking up the phone in a nasty tone. "What?!" I demanded.

"Woah, Bells, calm down. It's Mom," my mother spoke calmly into the phone.

"Mum, hey. The phone has been ringing off the hook, and it's only 7:30. Anyway, I'm not going into work today, and Sara's on her way over after her shift. I should go in today, but I don't want to, and the driveway's like Hell." I explained.

"You mean, Hades? Oh, well that's always a pleasant thing. So I take it I should find other lodgings for tonight, or do you think I can make it up the drive in the van?"

"Heh - oh, well…" I said, taking advantage of her 'offer'. "Well, I don't think you'll make it up, but you can try. Although, I'm not willing to come outside to pull you out of a ditch, so don't get any ideas. I don't recommend trying it."

"You're the helpful one today." My mother cursed. "Alright, I'll call Peg, and see if we can stay with her for the day. Matthew still has some clothing at their house from the last time he stayed."

"Alright, great. I've got another call." I lied. "I've gotta go."

"Okay, good bye."

"Yea…" I hung up and nearly fainted from joy. One problem down! I was making progress! I fell back onto my bed, and giggled.

"You're unusually happy for your situation, Mademoiselle," Courfeyrac said, standing over me.

"Er, well… I've got a day to figure things out! I'm very happy! Okay, now… Kimiko will be over at noon, and I've gotta figure out what I'm doing about all this. One day more to figure this all out!" I breathed, not realizing my own bad pun.

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