Happy Birthday to Us!!

Well, it's been a whole year, and who would have thought it would last this long? And there is still so much for Ses and I to do! I am infinately proud of this site, while it's not *HUGE*, totally lacks a picture and sound gallery, and it's so far from finished, Le Cafe Musain : Beyond the Barricades is truly my pride and joy.

I just thought about how cool this is -- the site's birthday is right near Ses' (May 27th) and mine (June 19th)! How nifty is *that*? Okay, it's not, but I am easily excited by these things.

I just wanna take a minute to thank *EVERYONE* who has helped this site become what it is -- my partners in crime, Ses and Livia. My cousin Kim for constantly correcting my HTML errors, and for the crazy mental support for me and Ses. Tripod... well, no not Tripod. They gave me quite a scare with that deleting spree... Lisa for telling me what to put up. Simon, for the... well, for "Red, the color that isn't black...", Kym, for lovin' the boys as much as I do! ::lol:: and everyone else who has helped Le Cafe Musain become what it is today!! Thanks guys!!

Love and Les Mis,

Jai and Ses