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A shrine dedicated to our favorite men with weapons : Les Amis, the Revolutionary Students of Les Miserables. Being the two fanatics of Les Miserables that we are, we know lots... and lots... and lots about these characters. Our mission: Other than to prove that the National Guard were a bunch of... well, nevermind that mission. We're out to give the best and most accurate information on Les Amis, but make it so that it's not information that you could have gotten straight from the book. Also, a bit of humor, and well... whatever we find fitting! So grab your tri-color sash, and sit back with a bottle of wine... (er.. no not wine, something other than that. We don't wanna get you in trouble with Monsieur the Inspector or anything...) and Enjoy this shrine to courage. Viva l' Revolutionnaire!

~~Ses and Jai~~

Students, Workers, Everyone : Learn about the Rebels!

Join In Our Crusade : What were they fighting for?

The Backroom : Sections with Fiction, Lists, Poetry, and other Revolutioary Writings!

Do You Hear the People Sing? : Multimedia, the synopsis, and the Broadway Review!

Somewhere Beyond the Barricade : Scared already? Check out some of our great Les Mis, and *NOT* Les Mis Links!

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