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Here's a list of things that I frequently wonder about. (No, "Why do you think Cosette is such a bimbo?" is not on there. Sorry.)

  1. How would you have felt if you were Cosette, and were left at the age of eight, to a family you didn't even know? Remember that she's only eight when it happens.

  2. What would have been your initial reaction to Jean Valjean helping you with the way-too-heavy water bucket on Christmas Eve?

  3. If you were Cosette, how would you feel the night that Jean Valjean snuck you into the convent? Remember how daring this was - scaling the wall, trying to be unafraid...

  4. This is something that kind of bugged me throughout the musical and book - if you were Cosette, do you think that you would actually ask Jean Valjean, or 'Papa', about your mother? Cosette didn't seem to ask much until the end of Act I... maybe that's just me being weird again. Whatever.

  5. How do you think Cosette felt upon first seeing Marius? Other than, of course, that 'love at first sight' business. Keep in mind that she'd been in a convent for most of her life, and hadn't exactly been around men other than her father.

  6. How do you think Cosette looked upon Eponine after she moved to Paris? Keep in mind that they grew up together, and when they were children, that Eponine was always treated so much better than Cosette.

More To Come!

J'aimie Graham - 2000. Please, do not use any of these questions without consulting me first. These all came from MY brain, thankyouverymuch, and I'd be more than happy to allow you to use them. However, if you steal them from me without asking, or even without any sort of credit, Jai will be forced to kill you. Have a nice day.

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