The Backroom

The backroom of Le Cafe Musain was often a place where the members of Les Amis could be found. Between all the revolutionary planning, they had time to talk, argue, play cards, get drunk, and do just about whatever else their hearts desired. Not unlike the backroom Les Amis designated their meeting place, this Backroom is a place for you to read, argue opinions we have here, and... do things that don't involve wine. Sorry guys, but one of the two Webmistresses is legally underage. In any case, enjoy the our little library!

CALLING ALL AUTHORS!: 'Le Cafe Musain' is desperately looking for pieces of fiction other than Jai's odd fantasies woven with bad humor. If you've got anything, please send it to either Jai or Ses, and we'll try our hardest to get you up! Merci!

Les Amis, Welcome to the Future: Jai's wretched little pastime goes online! Basically, what would happen should Les Amis land in a time where Jai drives, and... and snow. Just snow. In parts! RUN!

Part I :Part II : Part III : Part IV : To Be Continued...

Intellectual Terrorists? : I simply cannot define this in words... it's bad. Go read, be shocked, and join in *OUR* crusade against this... this... this HORROR!

A Dream Worth Dying For : Another Jai-Exclusive. Yehaw. Anyway, a piece written in honor of the 169th anniversary of the 1832 uprising. This one has to do with Enolras, and how he's feeling during the final hours of his life. Sound familiar? Every site has one of these...

"Why Don't You Ever Smile, Monsiuer?" : Okay, I know, it's not Les Miserables, but Lisa insisted on making me post it! BLAME HER! Anyway, a little bit of fluff where we learn that Chauvelin (The Scarlet Pimpernel) is not all about beheading and finding The Scarlet Pimpernel...

101 (And More!) Ways To Tell You're FOCUSED!: Ses and Jai wrote up a charming list of ways to tell you're very focused (RE: Obsessed) on a certain Ami d' la ABC... and it had better not be Enjolras or Feuilly. Warning: Contains odd RPing j/ks... REALLY odd.

Things the Cast of Les Miserables Would *NEVER* Say: As the name implies. Cripes, what *would* happen if the Bishop had never said that Valjean could go free? Also, this is for *ALL* the cast members. Feel free to send in your own additions!

Part I : Enjolras, Grantaire (Ironically enough, huh Ses?), Combeferre, Jean Prouvaire, and Feuilly. Part II to come soon... like, when we get to it... <shrug>

There's a New World to Be Won!: Imagine if certain things in Les Miserables had never happend -- Marius had never met Cosette, Valjean had never stolen the loaf of bread, etc. Well, here's a list of questions including all characters.

The Diary of One Who is Truly Focused: Actually, it was Ses' idea that we all dress up in Red and Black for the day. Jai just took it *way* too far on those two fateful days. 168 years ago, the Barricade was erected!

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