The Center: Courfeyrac

"Students, Workers, Everyone,

There's a river on the run,

Like the flowing of the tide,

Paris coming to our side!"


Courfeyrac... how am I to go about explaining Courfeyrac? He's one of those characters that you feel you have to love. In my quite humble opinion, I feel as if Courfeyrac was the one to truly shed light upon the group. Of course, he was determined, but there was just something about him that seemed more optimistic or playful than any of the others.

I'm not sure about ages, but Courfeyrac almost seems like one of the younger members of Les Amis. It's either that, or he's one of those people that could seem like a kid at the age of 97. He, in many ways, reminds me of Gavroche. Use you imagination, if you will.

I find it quite interesting in the book how they went about describing Courfeyrac's character. Enjolras the leader, Combeferre the guide, and Courfeyrac the center. So I stole the description, and used it for the title of this page. This quote, proves my point of Courfeyrac shedding light on the others. Enjolras will always be the one to keep the group in order, Combeferre will always be the intelligent, lodgical one, and Courfeyrac... Courfeyrac will be the one to mock the other two. He'll bring the humor and cheer into the group.

As for Courfeyrac's family; there really isn't much of anything major. He has a father (M. de Courfeyrac. Creative, ne?), who's a royalist, apparently caring nothing of his son. Nothing is mentioned of his mother or any possible siblings, but somehow, I can see him with younger brothers or sisters...


The current Courfeyrac would be Stephen Paul Cramer (This being the Courfeyrac that I saw in Rhode Island!) Yes, he was wonderful, despite the fact that I had one heck of a time seeing in front of me (Re: Jai doesn't have glasses, and sits behind tall people in the 40th row from the stage). I could hear him loud and clear, and it seemed as if he was very 'into' the role. I thought he was great!

I wish I could find pics of Stephen, but... the Current Broadway Cast site isn't... as updated as I hoped. <G> Once it comes along, I'll be sure to post it for y'all... Rejoice?


I quite like the one up top from the beginning of 'Red and Black'. Another that comes to mind would be:

'Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free!' ~ Courfeyrac, from 'Do You Hear the People Sing?'

I somehow doubt he has *too* many more lines, but feel free to prove me wrong by e-mailing me...

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