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Here are some questions having to do with the determined Inspector Javert. Take a look at these, and wonder what would have happened if he hadn't ever met convict no. 24601, Jean Valjean.

  1. I suppose the most obvious question -- one that I already stated in the paragraph above -- what if Javert had nothing to do with Convict no. 24601 - Jean Valjean. Obviously, he wouldn't have been in the story, but how would it have affected his life? Would he have been just as stoic and determined anyway?

  2. If you were Inspector Javert, would you actually keep tracking Jean Valjean after the many times he'd evaded you? Keep in mind that all Jean Valjean did was steal a loaf of bread...

  3. What do you think you can conclude about Javert's past and what he had of a family? How was his childhood? What were his parents like? Why do you think that he decided to work with the law?

  4. How would you have felt if you were Javert during the Trial, when Hean Valjean actually stated himself that he was the ex-convict? Espcially knowing that he was so close -- in the same room! Do you think that Javert almost let him go?

  5. Do you think that Javert had any run-ins with Eponine, Gavroche or any of the Thenardiers during his career in Paris? There are pieces of fiction that touch on this, but it's still a point I decided to bring out...

  6. Do you think that Javert was still right to keep tracking Jean Valjean after he'd been 'let go' by the convict he was to prosecute? Keep in mind the fact that -- hey, this guy just saved your life!

  7. Do you think that Javert was right to end his life by jumping off a bridge into the Seine? Was there any way he could have gone on, or was that truly the end of the road?

  8. Compare your life to Javert's... has there ever been a task set before you that was difficult, or where pieces of the task just wouldn't work the way you thoguht. Would you eventually give up, or would you keep trying and trying and trying until you eventually triumphed?

  9. Do you think that once-upon-a-time, Javert actually lived his life other than the law? Meaning, did he actually ever love someone, did he actually ever laugh, or joke around? It's a hard thingto imagine, but why do you think Javert is as stoic and determined as he was throughout the story?

  10. In the end, just before Javert's about to jump of the bridge, do you think he respected Jean Valjean? Do you think he ever looked past the crimes he committed, and realized that indeed, Jean Valjean was a good person? Keep in mind what Javert knew - about Fantine, about Cosette, and about Marius. Could Javert ever get himself to realize that Jean Valjean had made himself a better person -- almost like a saint?

  11. Remember how in the book it says how Javert felt he had two options and only two? One was to protect the law, and the other to break it. How do you think Javert would have turned out if he chose the other path?

J'aimie Graham/Heather Chandler - 2000. Please, do not use any of these questions without consulting me first. These all came from MY brain, thankyouverymuch, and I'd be more than happy to allow you to use them. However, if you steal them from me without asking, or even without any sort of credit, Jai will be forced to kill you. Have a nice day.

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