Well, unlike the barricade, you can get yourself outta this place. And you don't even have to get killed! (That is, if Jai's lame puns and bad fiction didn't kill ya first) We've pulled together a list of our favorite Les Mis and *Not* Les Mis links for ya to check out...

Les Miserables Links:

Gaelic's Bag O Goodies : Home of lots of great (and a bit disturbing... but in that good way!) fics, a history section, and a great Les Miserables RPG Board! Check it out before Ses is forced to drag you!

Les Miserables - The Official Site : *The* official site of one of the greatest musicals to ever grace the Broadway Stage!

P.A.I.N. Les Miserables Fanfiction Index : Lots.. and lots... and lots more great reading material written by fans like you!

The Current Broadway Cast : As the name implies. The wonderful cast that Jai saw... GOOOOOO Tim and Regan!... and Ben... and... you know, everyone else.

The Lonely Barricade : A friend of 'Le Cafe Musain' (Ses and Jai, too!), Olivia (alais: Evete), shares her information on Les Miserables in a fun, interesting, informative way! Check it out! Bear in mind that 'Liv is like our sister, so if you mess with her, you mess with us. Have a demmed nice day.

MaE and Linn's Les Miserables Page: *Extremely* informative site, with tons of pictures, links, soundwaves, contests, movies, and more. Go there for Les Miserables *anything*.

An Unofficial Les Mis Club : A great club that Le Cafe Musain now belongs to. And -- yay -- the founder is from NH! Horray for us Theatre fans in tiny states!

Theatre and *NOT* Les Miserables Links:

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS : A Broadway fund that helps to support people suffering AIDS. Tres spiff, mes amis, so go visit. Now.

A Glimpse of Pryde : Check out the domain of Katherine Pryde, at the most informative shrine around! Jai's Cous and dear-Online pal to Ses, shares her knowledge of Kitty Pryde! (Plus, she's the goddess who gave Ses Stan... BOW!!! NOW!)

Anime Capsule : Home of the Anime Cap Players (Where Jai's scheduled to play Eponine in NY!), Spam, odd Roleplayers, and little else! Chat... NOW!

...Steve Scott Springer... : A friend of 'Le Cafe Musain', Kym, has dedicated her site to Steve Scott Springer, who was Joly for the 3NT. A great shrine very-much worth checkin' out. GO! NOW!

William and Harry Online : Tons of information about Princes Willaim and Harry. So say's Ses' sister... <blink> Tounge twister!!!

Talgria : A great new Anime RPG created by Jai's two brothers, who just happen to also be friends of Ses'. Neato, ne? Check it out, join mebee, and... just... go!

Vivez! : The Official Jai Graham Website : As the title implies... One of Le Cafe Musain's sister sites... this time, all about the Webmistress Jai and her insanity. Go.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Official Site : Learn up about one of Broadway's best! Join the League, drool over Gods such as Douglas Sills and... wait, that list'll go on forever. Just go.

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