Marius Amazed

A ghost you say?
A ghost maybe...
she was just like a ghost to me...
One minute there, then she was gone!

Weeeeeeeelllll lemme just warn the reader. Marius is the second person in the story of Les Miserables who I dislike most (beaten out only by his wife... that wench Cosette). So if I speak my mind more than you like... my apologies.

Marius Pontmercy was kicked out of his grandfathers house due to his radical ideas. His grandfather, a royalist, didn't like the fact that Marius was going around calling himself a baron... a title won by his father, who Marius' granfather disliked. Can you just feel the love, amis?

He... joins Les Amis? Yes, how's that. Marius wasn't especially helpful in the beginning... too demmed infatuated with Cosette to get anything done. Of course, this didn't go over well with Enjolras. (Marius you're no longer a child/ I do not doubt you mean it well/ but now there is a higher call.) This would be reason #1 why I hate him so much. He didn't shoulder his weight of the work in the beginning, and then when the barricades do arise (this applies to the book...) he attempts to blow it up. I'm sure he had some great idea behind it, but he'd kill *everyone*.

Marius was typically late for meetings due to secret engagements with Cosette, which also irritated Enjolras. Yes, he was in love, but that was no reason to break an earlier engagement which, in my opinion, seems more important. I'm sure many people think Marius' heart was in the right place on some matters, but he just didn't seem as if he was all 'with it'. (Tee... to close this... the second reason I dislike the moron was because he lived, and everyone else died. Plus, he marries Cosette rather than 'Ponine. Okay, so I'm a horrible person...)


Right, so I've got a mad obsession with the man. That's Matthew Cammelle, who played Marius in and around London. (He also played Enjolras and Feuilly... he gets around...) Michael Ball played Marius on the Tenth Anniversary Concert video, and he's got a wonderful voice. (I *loved* his Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.) Tim Howar would be the current Marius, (who I saw, and lust over...) and he's wonderful. He's got a strong voice, and... he's very Marius-y. Go figure. I love their voices, but I hate the character... AHHHHHHH!!!


"Oh my friends my friends... don't ask me what your sacrifice was for. Empty chairs at empty tables... now my friends will sing no more." - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

"A ghost you say? A ghost maybe... she was just like a ghost to me! One minute there, then she was gone!" - Red and Black

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