Marius Pontmercy

Okay, as much as I hate Marius, you will not find 'What if Marius had never been born' on this list... <much muttering>

  1. What if Marius had never left his grandfather's house, and led himeslf to poverty? Consider many things -- for one, meeting Les Amis. If he'd never met them, think about all the other characters it would have affected -- Jean Valjean, Eponine...

  2. How do you think Marius felt when Eponine arrived at the barricades? To that extent, how do you think Marius felt when Eponine died in his arms?

  3. How would you feel if someone saved your life, and you were never able to find out who they were? What would you do? (Think Marius/Valjean)

  4. If Marius had never met Cosette, how do you think the entire barricade scene would have differed for the character? Do you think that he would have been able to fight better with Cosette out of his head?

  5. If you were Marius, and were recieving money from your grandfather to keep you alive, do you think you'd send it back? Do you agree or disagree with Marius' views on charity?

  6. How do you think Marius felt when he finally realized that the person who'd saved his father's life had also beaten Cosette when she was younger? This applies to, of course, Thenardier.

  7. What do you think was Marius' reaction when Cosette told him exactly what Thenardier and Mme. Thenardier had done to her? This never actually happened in the book or musical (Okay, it happened in the evil novel 'Cosette'...), but figure she would have told him after they were married. Use your imagination.

  8. How do you think Marius and the rest of the rebels got along? Figure the fact that he was constantly daydreaming of Cosette, and sometimes didn't work too hard. (Oh my God, that was my attempt at being nice toward the character...)

  9. Do you think Marius deserved to get away from the barricade? Think about some of the other rebels who had families. I'm not impying that he DIDN'T deserve to make it out alive -- perhaps this works better : Do you think that somone else should have lived instead of Marius. If Valjean had taken say... Enjolras instead?

  10. What were some of Marius' feelings while on the barricades? How would you feel on the barricades?

J'aimie Graham - 2000. Please, do not use any of these questions without consulting me first. These all came from MY brain, thankyouverymuch, and I'd be more than happy to allow you to use them. However, if you steal them from me without asking, or even without any sort of credit, Jai will be forced to kill you. Have a nice day.

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