It was all innocent fun, I say!

Alright, one night just after Ses had gotten back, and hadn't seen my new updates, we met along with some other RPers in Talgria/Lucifer. (Eeee... 'nother long story) No prob, we were in the middle of a roleplay, and we were having a grand old time, 'till suddenly, Ses started reading the 'Things Our Boys Would Never Say' list, and came across Enjolras' 'Ses... marry me', and totally *FREAKED OUT*. (It may have been my little side note 'I was going to put that under Grantaire, hon, so it could be worse'.)

"I can't believe you put that on!" she private messaged me, in chat.

"Er... what?" I asked, stupidly.

"You know demmed well what I'm talking about!" she insisted.

"Er... no...?"

"That line!" Ses tried to explain.

"What line?"


"What about him?"

"Enjolras' 'Ses, marry me' line!" She finally told me.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screeched, inserting a <runs like there's no tomorrow> into chat. "I'm going to pretend that never happened, and... and that... Inoocence!"

She smirked, "No, I'm going to seek revenge." Ses, being evil and stuff (cause we do that), came up with her evil plan, and a bit later, during the roleplay...

"That's it, I've got it!" she announced. "I've got one that you better put online..."

"What is it?" I asked, grabbing something to write with.

" 'Jai... marry me.' " she told me, smirking evilly. Lud, Ses is evil.

I sighed, and died laughing on my end. "Under who?"

"Feuilly, accourse."

"I was hoping so."

"No, no.. you don't get it : It's under things "our boys would *NEVER* say"." Ses said, between roleplay.

An' cause Jules is evil (Yes, Viret, you.) "Oooooooo that was a dis."

Note: That all came from a Talgria chat, and I'm writing it as best as I can remember. It was a few weeks ago, so it's fairly accurate, but... well, I can't remember it word for word. Sorry Ses, for any misquotes...