Things the Cast of Les Mis Would Never Say...

Enjolras drunk? Grantaire sober? Prouvaire cussing? God help us all! Welcome to perhaps the most insanse part of this insane site... Sit back, grab your strait-jacket, and laugh your butt off as you enter the... well, as you read on.

Unmarked entries mean that they're either by Ses or Jai... it's just obnoxious having to write our names after each one we've done... 'Less it's entered by a fan, then we'll put the names up.




Jean Prouvaire


Currently, that's our list. To make it easier for you guys, we're gunna put it up on two pages, that way, you won't be reading the same thing forever and ever. Also, this page is always updated, so check back often!

Also, if you have any ideas you want to post, email them to us and we'll put them up asap!

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