101 Ways (Or lack thereof) to tell if you're FOCUSED!

This all started as a joke, really it did. Thru e-mail, we were being really... not sane, and discussing our *GREAT* lil' RP. This little discussion led to our creating a list (and a nifty motto, "We're not Obsessed. We're FOCUSED."), and making you, the public, afraid. Very afraid.

Anywho, you must pardon the odd-ness of this list. It's mostly based on our RP, so part of it may not be as funny to you, as it is to us. BTW: Feuilly and Enjolras are *SO* off-limits. <motions to a well-brandished Stan> Any arguements?

~~Ses and Jai~~


This, amis, is the result of insanty. (With more to come!) If you have agreed with more than ten of these statements, please remember.. there is help. For the small price of $99.99, we'll refer you to our kind, forever patient (Yea... right), doctor that even we... waitasec... there is no doctor. But we'll take the money. ^.^

Thanks for reading! And many sincere apologies for those who never return to being sane again.

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