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Welcome to Le Cafe Musain's humble little photo gallery. It's been a pain in the neck figuring out how to do things, but Jai finally got it! Yay, and stuff.

Currently, all we've uploaded here would be photo's [finally] scanned from Jai's little adventure in Rhode Island -- you know what that means. TIM AND REGAN! WHOO!!!

Side note about this first section of pictures : We all know how gorgeous Tim is, and we all want pictures of him. However, if you even THINK of taking these pictures for your own site without permisson... I will hunt you down, and beat you with a stick/Stan/Corrupted Monkey. Believe me, they all induce a helluva lot of pain. Soooooo... just don't, huh? Scanning takes alot of time, and getting film developed isn't cheap. Thanks guys!!!

The Third National Tour meets... Rhode Island.
- Erin, Jai, Amanda, and Matthew under the Marquis of the Providence Center for the Performing Arts.
- The prop/scenery trailers. Betcha never thought you'd see THOSE... ^.^()
- The back of the truck... which proves to be quite interesting if you heard the story. (NOTE: that's before we got to it.)
- Amanda, Jai and Erin posing before the show in front of the trailer.
- Tim Howar (Marius) trying to get Jai to look to the damned camera, with Sandy in the background. Now... tell us the coat doesn't look like a garbage bag? (We love you Sandy... and he really did like your coat!)
- Jai's favorite picture of the entire mess. Jai and Tim....
- Tim talking to Jai and Amanda after signing one of our programs.
- Matthew, Amanda, Jai, Regan Thiel (Cosette), and Erin. Behind us would be the conductor... and some other chick.
- Sandy (In her black coat, with back to the camera), Amanda, Jai, Regan, and Erin to the far right. Regan was signing programs and such. Have to imagine how much her hand hurt after all of us...

For now, that's all that's up. We've got alot more Les Mis in general pictures to add... but we've yet to put them up. Keep an eye out, and whatever you do, DON'T STEAL ANY OF THOSE PICTURES! It took Jai something like two hours to scan and crop all of them, and at least another two to link them up here. It's not as easy as it sounds, especially if your scanner is as slow as mine. >.< Merci beaucoup, amis.

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