The Dream Casts : The Phantom of the Opera

Yes, if we were incharge of recruiting actors for Broadway! Please, do stop your shuddering, we've come up with a list of actors who we feel would be excellent choices for the characters below...


Erik/The Phantom : Michael Maguire, Douglas Sills, Philip Quast, William Paul Michals or Anthony Crivello

Christine : Judy Kuhn, Regan Thiel, Lea Salonga, or Christine Andreas.

Raoul : Douglas Sills (Lessee how many times *HE* comes up), Michael Ball, Tim Howar, Steve Scott Springer, Ben Davis or Michael Gruber.

Carlotta : Ruthie Henshall, Judy Kuhn, and... another girl we're not sure of. She played Johanna on one of the Sweeny Todd Movies...

Meg Giry : Frannces Ruffle, or Sutton Foster.

Madame Giry : We'll.. uh.. get back to you on that one...

Firmin : Terrance Mann

Andre : Rex Smith

Piangi : Robert Patteri, Aaron Paul, or Terrance Mann

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