Our Original Dream Casts

What's the most important part of a Broadway Production? The cast, of course! We took three of our favorite musicals and wrote up actors who we know well from other shows, and wrote them in as others! **Note : Doug Sills appears *many* times, 'cause Ses and Jai just love the man. He's... he's... **

Depending on what anyone thinks, we may or may not open this up to the public. In otherwords, you might not be able to send in suggestions for other people, cause then the lists just get too long and unruly. People want different things, and we understand that. But we don't have the webspace to support them all!

There Is A Lady All In White - Les Miserables : We had fun, really. It was hard, because we really *DO* love the Tenth Anniversary Cast... but, well. Doug Sills makes many apprearences, BTW...

Zounds, Sir! - The Scarlet Pimpernel : Doug Sills will forever be our favorite Percy, but... well... He's.... <cue the tears> GONE! So, these actors will just have to do in our little world.

Our Strange Duet - The Phantom of the Opera : <ahem> Monsieur Sills is back, oui. (After leaving The Scarlet Pimpernel, he'll have to do *SOMETHING*) The first we've actually finished! Terry Mann, too!

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