The Romantic : Jean Prouvaire

Here's to pretty girls

who went to our heads...

The group was filled with talented people, but perhaps the most talented of all was Jean Prouvaire. 'Jehan' was a true romantic; he played the flute, wrote poems, and cared deeply for the species known as human. I add the 'cared deeply' part, for sure, it's a talent. Some people don't care for others. So I think of it as a talent to care and believe so passionatly in something.

Prouvaire was probably one of the lesser-known rebel-students in the musical. He had... perhaps, two lines. Though, that's not too far from his character in the book, as he was quiet, and in many ways, shy. He sometimes acted more like a female than male - blushing, crying tears for lost childhood, writing poems, strolling through fields of wildflowers, and gazing at clouds were his favorite pastimes.

Though, in many ways he was feminine, there was a side of Jean Prouvaire that was... more masculine. At the barricade, would be my best example. Especially in his 'final chapter', which he gets dedicated to his noble death.

Prouvaire was taken prisioner, and was sentenced to be shot. (Um, that does make sense, really) His final words were "Vive l' France! Long live the Republic!" Then a flash, and then his friends at the Barricade knew Jean Prouvaire had been put out of his misery.

Prouvaire was the only son of a rich family, not unlike Enjolras. These are details that just come to me now, so pardon the fact that they're really not in order. His taste in clothing is absolutly horrid... colour choices were not his 'thing'. That or it's a poet's idea of fashion. I suppose I'll never know.


My favorite, favorite, favorite Jean Prouvaire was Peter Polycarpou. I find this entertaining, as Peter also played John in 'Miss Saigon'. When I first discovered this, I instantly compared the charactors, and got a good laugh. For those who don't know of Miss Saigon, John was ... let's just say, loud. Comparing John to Jean was quite the entertaining thing. John was loud, while Jehan kept to himself. John ... had a bit of fun in the first scene of Miss Saigon, Jean... would probably have a nosebleed...

For the record, Bruce Winant innit too bad either. (CSR)


As mentioned above (very above), Prouvaire doesn't have many lines... the few he does have, however, would be:

'Seven guns at Port St. Cloud!' ~ Red and Black

'Here's to pretty girls who went to our heads... here's to them, and here's to you!' ~ Drink With Me. There's another line by Joly, and then he, Feuilly and Joly sing the 'Here's to them' part.

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