Students, Workers, Everyone.

... There's a river on the run. Like the flowing of the tide, Paris coming to our side!

It was a remarkable group, vanished into the invisible depths behind us. At this point of the drama, it may be useful to throw a ray of light onto these young heads before the reader sees them sink into the shadow of a tragic adventure.

~~Victor Hugo; Les Miserables~~

They were the group that nearly became historic. They were known as Les Amis d' la ABC, a group of Revolutionary workingmen of Paris who were determined to make their country a great for future generations. After months of planning, the ideas of Les Amis are put to action, on June 5th (General Lamarque's funeral date) a huge barricade is erected off the side of a local cafe. This barricade would be the door to a fateful adventure that could only be told by Victor Hugo. One hundred plus years later, it the fate of these young men still moves the world to tears through the pages of Monsieur Hugo's masterpiece, and the haunting songs of the musical.

Who were Les Amis? Why was it so important for these young men to carry their dream into reality? Ses and Jai have written up profiles of the members of the group. About the character, the actors, and some memorable lyrics and quotes from the book. Venture on, and realize what a gift it is to be free.

Les Amis d' la ABC

Most of the Friends of the A B C were students, in close association with a few workingmen. The names of the principals are as follows. To a certain extent they belong to history: Enjolras, Combeferre, Jean Prouvaire, Feuilly, Courfeyrac, Bahorel, Lesgle or Laigle, Joly, Grantaire.

~~Victor Hugo; Les Miserables~~

One Passion Only - Justice : Enjolras was the man behind the Revolution. Read the character sketch of Enjolras, the actors, the lyrics. Perhaps the most signifigant life lost at the Barricade of 1832... Ses speaks grandly of her amour...

The Good Must Be Innocent : Combeferre was the logic behind the Revolution. His brilliance and love for the people shall be forever remembered in the Jai's character sketch of Combeferre - the people's man. (My God, that sounded like a campaign line... <Jai runs to wash out her mouth> AHHH!)

Addicted to Love : Within the group of Great Revolutionary Minds, there had to be one Romantic. That romantic being Jean Prouvaire. Perhaps the most innocent amongst the entire group...

He Had Adopted the People : The only man who wasn't truly a student, Feuilly, the workingman. While the rest of the men stood for France, Feuilly was a sort of ambassator for the 'outside'. Jai speaks of amour (and not frosting <GLARES>).

Diobolic Beauty of Mind : Without that useful weapon, Courfeyrac would have been any other regular workingman. Courfeyrac served as the humor to the group. He kept everyone laughing, but at the same time, achieved everything. Jai explains (and resisted the urge to write many inside jokes).

Rash Waistcoats and Scarlet Opinions : Hugo explains Bahorel as a bond between the figure that was yet to be formed. The figure of Les Amis. Though he wasn't in the Stage Performance, we enlighten you on the character known as Bahorel.

Good Morning, Evil Genius : The character who's great at confusing Jai. L'Aigle, better known as Bossuet, was the only bald member of Les Amis despite his young age. Read about his bad luck, and his interesting geneology in this sketch.

You Can Soar on Four L's : Jolllly has always amazed us. The brilliant man sleeps in a bed with the head to the south, and foot to the north for the sake of his circulatory system. Tell us that's not amazing, but read the character sketch by Ses first.

If Only I Wanted To : Some described him as impossible, others as ugly. But truly, who is Grantaire? Ses will tell you, and the answer to that question isn't 'A drunkard who cares nothing of life'.

Technically, that's the entire list of Les Amis. But... there were two others who joined the group at the barricades. Marius Pontmercy and Gavroche Thenardier fought with the men, and because some people consider them members, we'll post them. (Though, sorry Marius fans, neither of us care much for him... >.<)

Marius Amazed : Stolen from the name of the chapter, this sketch talks of Marius Pontmercy, the last member to *really* join Les Amis. (Gavroche had been attending meetings, yes?) Read up, and send no flames, as neither of us care deeply for him...

Little People Know! : Gavroche Thenardier was truly a boy who cared for the people of France, and knew firsthand of what Les Amis were fighting for. He took in two boys younger than him, and took careful care of them, teaching them the ways of the streets. Read the character sketch, and tell us that's not amazing for a boy of ten! (Jai's Dedication to Olivia. <G> Little People *DO* Know, huh Liv? Yay for us short people!)

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